How to paint cement

Paint cement to color your hypertufa

Have you wondered how to paint cement for your hypertufa project? In order to create a natural look you will have to add some color to your project. There are tons of possibilities for this but the list is too long to put them all down here. Instead just download the Cement Color Products Reference Guide.
paint cement for hypertufa
SPECIAL NOTE: The “Cement Color Products Reference Guide(s)” are the sole exclusive copyrighted property of Holland & Tucker. Feel free to print for your own personal use, however they are not to be reproduced for publication anywhere without the original author’s written consent. Copyright © Holland & Tucker 2004.

The Color Products Reference Guide includes:

  • Wet/Dry Product Types
  • Application Techniques
  • Color Considerations
  • Product Availability
  • Products & the Name-Brand Manufacturers
  • Permanence of the Colorants
  • Artist comments

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