Hypertufa molds

Hypertufa molds, they’re everywhere!

Most hypertufa molds are already in the proximity of your house. A wide range of objects can serve as molds. Your only limitation will be your imagination. Things like cardboard boxes, polystyrene foam, plastic containers and plastic planters will do the job. Think of any object and shape that you like and it is probably usable for making a hypertufa mold. Even things like Halloween masks or simple buckets can be taken to mold your hypertufa. Wooden or metal molds can also be used but be sure to drape them with plastic as the hypertufa mixture will stick to the edges when you try to remove them.

If you want to be even more creative, you can! Creating outstanding and eye catching hypertufa art is accessible for all of us. If you don’t know where or how to start there is a very clear and professional explanaition in The Hypertufa How-To Manual on “free-form” molding. It will help you create artistic projects that will amaze not only yourself but everyone else that sees your work.


All you need to know about molds can be found in The Hypertufa How-To Manual. There is so much more information in this cristal clear eBook than you can ever find on the web. Don’t waste your time anymore and buy it now for only $24,95 and get started right away!

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