The right plants for hypertufa

What types of plants can you use for hypertufa?

Because of it’s natural environment, hypertufa products are perfect to hold a wide variety of plants. You can plant pretty much anything you like but always keep in mind what the best growing season is for a particular plant. Take a look at the following plants that will happily grow in your artificial tufa trough, container or whatever you decide to put them in.

Now, you have an idea of what kind of plants to use for hypertufa. You might want to check out our free hypertufa recipe tutorial. It’s a great video with a bunch of useful tips and insights. You can find the recipe written in text on that page too, so you can save it to work on at home.

What is Hypertufa? (Hypertufa Pots, Planters & Troughs Inspiration)

Hypertufa is art!

Technically speaking though, hypertufa is an artificial substitute for the naturaly formed Tufa rock. Tufa rocks are know for their microbiological component and porous identity. Plants love to grow in tufa planters because water gets stored in all of the little cracks so it is easily accesible in times of dryness. It also takes care of getting fresh air to the roots of the plants. Hypertufa is made by combining Portland cement with Sphagnum (peat moss), perlite or vermiculite and water. Hypertufa is fairly lightweight and resembles the structure of natural tufa so it is ideal for making pots, planters, troughs and other objects to brighten up your garden and give it a very natural look. It is also frost-resistant as opposed to cement which can sometimes crack during cold winters and you will find yourself cleaning up and buying a whole new trough, planter or pot.

Get inspired!

To get an idea of the possibilities with hypertufa, take a look at the gallery here below.

inspiration to put leaf prints on hypertufa planters 

Recipes to make hypertufa

Now, you might be looking for some basic recipes. Well, there’s an app blogpost for that! Check out our blogpost about hypertufa recipes. Take a look at the tutorial and get started with your hupertufa project. The video tutorial will show you: It’s very easy and a lot of fun to do.