Aging your hypertufa

Let moss grow and age your hypertufa 

Your containers, planters, rocks and troughs look great when there’s moss growing on the outside. It gives them an aged look. To get this aged look you will have to let nature do it’s work. The rustic appearance occurs after months or even years. Moss tends to grow best in places that have protection from the sun and are a little damp and moist. Keep those conditions in mind when you decide to place your piece of work outside.

Give nature a hand and encourage moss to grow

The author of The Hypertufa How-To Manual, Claudia F. Brownlie, has provided a basic guideline to improve the process of aging. For more information about the complete manual on how to make your own hypertufa click here.

For a quicker result you should grab a handful of moss and put it in a blender. Don’t worry it will note brake it. Make sure you remove most of the little sticks that you may have picked up. Then add a cup of yoghurt and mix it all up. You take this ¬†mushy substance and place it on your container wherever you like the moss to grow.

Again, keep in mind that it takes quite some time before moss will start growing. Just make sure that the right conditions are present for your project and you will be able to enjoy the natural look of your pots and planters after a while!

Watch this video to see the ultimate result of using hypertufa in your garden! The video is from a Dutch TV program on gardening. It shows a garden made out of hypertufa and the owner talks about how he managed to make all that and what gave him inspiration: the mountains.

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