Hypertufa molds – An easy guide for the hypertufa gardener

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Are you looking to perk up your garden? Learn how to use hypertufa molds to create your own pots, planters and other garden ornaments. You’ll watch and see your family and friends view your work and have them pleasantly surprised with your beautiful, outstanding, homemade creations.

Enjoy the natural tufa look and make your plants flourish in your handmade troughs, pots, planters and spheres.

Watch this video to see what amazing things can be done for your garden.

Do you like the image? Then learn how to get it in a simple and professional way with this e-book: The Hypertufa How-To Manual. It teaches you all you need to know to make the exact object you want. The good thing is, you can implement everything you learn right away.

Remember looking for that one bit of information you were lacking and you just couldn’t find the exact answer? The Hypertufa How-To Manual has everything you need to know to become a succesfull hypertufa artist.

This e-book is very easy to read. It’s comprehensive and has clearly written instructions on all kinds of projects. It covers all techniques you need for making hypertufa. It’s full of clever tips about mixing, application and curing.

The author of this unique e-book is Claudia F. Brownlie. With years of experience in hypertufa she is an expert on the subject. All this expertise is captured and put on paper so you too can impress everyone with beautiful, handmade troughs, planters, rocks, stepping stones and other free form moldings.

An overview of what you’ll find inside:
  • More than 100 pages of projects, recipes, instructions and expert tips
  • Detailed explanation of the process of creating hypertufa: mixing, application and curing
  • How to make molds and use “free-form” techniques”
  • A list of terms used by Hypertufa experts explained clear and simple


You can’t wait forever. Start learning NOW and create your own piece of art!

Note that there is nothing on this subject available anywhere else for a reasonable price. The tips and techniques Claudia F. Brownlie teaches you in this e-book are unique, reliable, understandable and functional.

There is a lot more information on this website about hypertufa molds. See all the other posts on the right to learn more about recipes, tutorials, drainage and aging.


Here’s a “Sneak Peek” Look at What’s Inside
This 100+ Page Resource Manual:

  • Learn how to avoid the single biggest mistake most “newbies” make when mixing hypertufa ingredients.
  • Is the ratio of water an important factor for successful projects?
  • What’s the best release agent?
  • Does humidity affect the curing process and its success?
  • What’s a way to save your back when mixing up larger recipe amounts?
  • What ingredients are good or bad substitutions in hypertufa recipes?
  • What reinforcing products work best?
  • Safety first!! Portland cement is caustic! Learn proper handling procedures.
  • Proper curing is critical to your project’s success. Learn the correct methods and avoid unneccesary failures!
  • When is the right time to unmold your curing ‘tufa object?
  • What purpose do admixes serve and which ones work best?
  • How to repair broken or cracked hypertufa items.
  • Molds, form making and “free form” building techniques.
  • Plus: a Hypertufa Glossary with clear and concise explanations for terms used by the experts

You now get “Hypertufa Leaf Casting”

eBook for FREE

This PDF eBook is written just as clearly as “The Hypertufa How-To Manual”.

The “Hypertufa Leaf Casting Prjocet” eBook contains easy step-by-step instructions that show you how to make beautiful cast leaf creations. It’s 8-pages devoted to what you need to know to become a leaf casting expert!


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If you’re wondering about the value of the information I’ve provided, please read these unsolicited, kind compliments from an honored “fellow” of the American Concrete Institute who purchased my eBook. In addition, Sally is a past president of an ACI chapter, and was active for many years with the Quality and Specifications Committee of the Kentucky Ready Mixed Concrete Association.